ZzzSock – Never Make Your Bed Again | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Tired of making your bed every day? ZzzSock is a patented, revolutionary bedding product that eliminates the everyday hassle of making your bed.

Perfect for college students, teenagers, & young kids, absolutely anyone with a twin or twin-XL bed.

Zip! And your bed is made. But wait, it’s not just the easiest way to make your bed, the ZzzSock keeps you tucked in all night long – Despite those restless nights filled with tossing & turning.

ZzzSock is super easy to use. It comes in two sturdy pieces. The top piece is a high-quality comforter. It attaches via zipper to a bottom piece that goes underneath your mattress. The zipper works from both directions so it’s easy to get out of bed from either side.

ZzzSock is both stylish and functional, making it ideal for both boys and girls alike.

So if you are tired of making your bed, and want a practical yet trendy solution to this age-old problem, purchase your very own ZzzSock by searching for ZzzSock on Kickstarter today.

Never make your bed again!