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Corporate espionage is a real-life thing, not just the driving plot in some Netflix thriller. Securing inter-organizational communications is a key factor in maintaining privacy on internal matters and protecting proprietary information from nefarious parties.

Many products out there provide solutions to your security woes, but only one provides agencies within the U.S. Government with an option of total untraceable anonymity: Fognigma. Fognigma gives organizations the power to build Mission Partner Networks (MPNs)—cloud-based, software-defined networks which are invisible, on-demand, adaptable, and completely disposable when no longer needed.

Fognigma MPNs not only protect an agency’s network but also secure and encrypt its communications and collaboration across agencies. MPNs are invisible to outside entities, making them the perfect Cloak and Dagger response to any malicious third party attempting to infiltrate your network and invade your data and communications. Two layers of FIPS 140-2 Validated, AES-256 encryption makes sure your data is protected.

When an MPN is terminated, the Fognigma Network and any communications inside it are destroyed with no digital fingerprints or other signs it ever existed. This is the ultimate solution for a secure network, as third parties can’t trace what “never existed.”

MPNs also support communication with multiple mission partners across the globe, whether they are trusted or not, without fear of sensitive information being tampered with or seen by those without authorization.

While keeping security as a priority, a tool rooted in collaboration still needs to be user-friendly with easy-to-use collaborative tools. Inside Fognigma’s secure and invisible networks are a whole suite of communication components—tools to make sure your organization is always protected during collaboration.

Some of the many features and components of Fognigma Networks are:

• Secure Chat Messaging—Use Fognigma’s chat solutions and, when used in place of company email, your organization will fully eliminate the risk of phishing attacks.
• Video Conferencing—Easily chat and share screens with other users while you virtually talk face-to-face.
• Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)—Fognigma VDIs have all the standard features you’d expect with a myriad of unique features, such as the ability to transfer files from a USB drive to the VDI completely bypassing the host computer.
• Traceless Telephony—Create fully-secure VoIP phone systems, plus misattributed call chains to talk with untrusted persons or to unsafe locations.
• Multiple Deployment Methods—Fognigma can be deployed in multiple configurations, replacing or complementing your existing network.
• Bring Your Own Device—Fognigma and its components work with both desktop and mobile devices running all major operating systems.

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