Living Greens Farm – The Healthiest Source of Greens Out There | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

We can all agree that eating smart is an important part of maintaining our health and continuing to get the most out of life. But eating smart goes a step beyond merely the quality of what’s going in your body, it also includes how that food is made.

Living Greens salads is not only one of the safest and healthiest sources of greens out there, but the air-grown, clean, and sustainable process used to create these delicious salads is incredibly unique.

Living Greens Farm is the world’s largest vertical indoor farming company using aeroponics to grow their food, meaning they grow their plants vertically, without soil, and spritz the roots with mist.

This process allows Living Greens’ indoor farm to use 95% less water than your common farm and 99% less land.

With that said, they don’t use pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs, producing some of the cleanest and most earth-friendly eating you’ve ever encountered, not to mention the greens turn out greener, richer, and more nutritious.

This process also makes it so they can ship faster, beating the competition to the market and reducing the time by 95%.

Learn how you can get these nutritious greens at today.