ZenFriend – Find Inner Peace with this Meditation App | NewsWatch Review


There are plenty of reasons to stress on any given day. Work, kids, traffic – these can all contribute to feelings of anxiety. While there’s no way to avoid these stressors, there are ways to better deal with them.

ZenFriend is a non-religious app that offers simple meditations that allow you to find peace.

You start by checking out ZenFriend’s dashboard, where you can see all your meditation data. You can then use the meditation timer to set your preferred time and track your sessions. Soft bells and chimes will sound at the beginning and end of each meditation.

Take the meditation challenge to see how many days in a row you can find the time to meditate.

Then log your thoughts after each session.

You can also get social and follow other meditators and chat with them.

ZenFriend syncs up perfectly with Apple Health for additional tracking. And in case you need it, you can set a gentle reminder to nudge you to.

ZenFriend only relies on their supporters, with no investors, for an inexpensive subscription of $0.99 a month or $ 9.99 a year. Get started by downloading on iOS or Android devices today.