Prodigy – Social Music Platform for Upcoming Artists | NewsWatch Review


It’s a grueling process getting started in the music industry. Between practicing, to finding opportunities to perform live, to building an online presence, it’s nothing short of challenging.

Prodigy is here to make it easier for musicians to get the exposure they’re looking for, allowing them to focus on what’s really important – their music.

Prodigy’s mission is to facilitate creativity, nurture talent, and provide exposure.

Their job is to be able to provide the most powerful platform for users to do all of the aforementioned. This is a first-of-its-kind, music social platform, providing all the tools and abilities for listeners to find artists.

Prodigy works like several social media platforms that one would be accustomed to. For artists, they would be able to get on, create a profile, put in a bio of themselves and be able to upload songs that show up on the newsfeed of your page.

Just imagine yourself as a listener, you can get on Prodigy and create an account and you’re able to follow artists that are on the leader boards that you’re able to find through your community as well as through the cities that you like.

Once an artist posts a song and it shows up on your newsfeed, you can comment on it, save that song to your playlist on Prodigy, you can create new playlists, and really help people grow as an artist.

Prodigy encourages users to have fun, follow friends, share new music and create all-new playlists that you otherwise would have never seen.

Kickstart your music career by downloading Prodigy in the App Store today.