Vosker – Transmit Surveillance to Your Phone without WiFi or A Wired Connection | NewsWatch Review

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While there’s been a surge of recent security cameras that tap into your WiFi and allow you to keep an eye on things, what do you do when there’s no access to WiFi but still need eyes on the area?

Vosker Mobile 4G or LTE surveillance cameras don’t require WiFi or any wired connection to transmit surveillance right to your phone.

Set them up in less than 5 minutes and let them get to work.

The Vosker V200 is an outdoor security camera ideal for just about any outdoor environment where security is important, including country homes, construction sites, or even on a boat dock.

Its high-definition AI image recognition and LTE connectivity help capture and record every detail in its surroundings.

The built-in solar panel keeps the waterproof camera powered day and night, making it perfect for remote locations.

The Vosker V100 utilizes a 4G connection and includes automatic motion detection.

Cameras are a natural deterrent to those who want to take advantage when you’re not there, and with the ease of Vosker cameras, you now have a security solution no matter where you are.

To purchase either of these Vosker cameras today, head over to vosker.com.