Shutoo Gavazii – Transitioning Your Lenses in Darker Areas | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Though sunglasses are a perfect complement to your ensemble, they are more than just a fashion accessory. Sunglasses work to prevent harmful UV lights from hitting your eyes. But constantly taking your sunglasses on or off as you go in and out of bright areas is a nuisance.

Shutoo Glasses employ the latest in electrochromic adaptive lens technology
to instantly transition your lenses when you enter a darker area.

They adapt to the brightness in less than 2 seconds.

That means no more entering a parking garage or a tunnel and suddenly going blind from the rapid drop in brightness.

You see, regular transition glasses adapt according to the detection of UV light.

But modern car windshields block UV light making them worthless when you’re driving.

Shutoo Glasses work by detecting natural light offering a far more practical sunglasses experience without having to constantly adjust or remove your glasses.

And because all Shutoo Glasses are polarized you won’t have to worry about reflected light throwing you off your game.

Choose from four different styles: chic, active, every day and smart casual.

You can pick up a pair of these award-winning sunglasses today from