Sparkcentral – Making it Easy for Businesses to Engage with Customers | NewsWatch Review

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Everyone hates calling a call center for customer service. It’s just not a pleasant experience and feels outdated.

Why can’t customers simply MESSAGE a business for help? Let’s ask an average consumer on the street how they would feel if they could text their phone company about a bill instead of calling.

Sparkcentral is making it easy for businesses to engage with customers over messaging, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or SMS. It’s simply what consumers want!

What customers are essentially looking for in companies today are convenience, choice, and consistency.

Convenience being they can use it 24/7, receive consistent service, and be given the choice of how they want to interact in what is mostly considered digital today.

Sparkcentral spends a lot of time understanding consumer behavior and what they’re trying to accomplish when they call customer service. The goal for each consumer is to optimize their time and be able to accomplish other tasks without being on hold, not using a voice system that isn’t truly optimized for them.

Sparkcentral focuses on how they can make that connection to an agent seamless such as by adding a company’s name to a customer’s contact list, push the button, type a message, and get an answer.

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