Unblock Me – An Addictive Puzzle Game with Interesting Challenges | NewsWatch Review


Unblock Me is a classic sliding block puzzle game with over 18,000 puzzles that’ll have you playing for years.

Having earned Editor’s Choice while also being downloaded 180 million times since they launched 10 years ago, Unblock Me has cemented its place as one of the most popular puzzle apps.

Choose from four different modes depending on your play style. Relax mode allows you to play without the pressure of challenges meant to trip you up.

Challenge mode is where you’ll try to beat your best score by finishing the puzzle in the fewest moves possible. Next up is Daily Puzzle mode where you’ll challenge yourself with blocks that can’t be moved in daily mind-bending puzzles with new exits.

Then there’s multiplayer where you have to bring your A game against family and friends to see who should be crowned the Unblock Me champion.

You can play Unblock Me anywhere whether you have an internet connection or not. Once you go back online your progress will sync up. Unblock Me has a big surprise in store this month to celebrate their amazing 10-year run.

So, download it for free in the App Store or Google Play today to get in on the fun.