Break the Chore Wheel with Jassby | NewsWatch Review


Personal financial management is an extremely important tool that many of us set out into the world not having under our belt. What we need is a way for people to learn about the principles of finance early.

Jassby is a convenient and easy-to-use app for families to manage chores, allowances, rewards, and more and incorporates a great shopping experience.

It’s so easy to use. Once everyone in the family is signed up, parents and grandparents can either send money directly for special occasions like birthdays and holidays or for a job well done.

The child can also request money to get paid for doing a chore, where it has to be approved before they can even get started. Once they have cash in their Jassby account, they can then use that money to shop right within the app, allowing parents to see their child’s spending habits.

Jassby wants kids to understand the value of money and earning money and one of the most common complaints for generations is that kids think money grows on trees.

Kids are really able to show initiative and say, “Hey I am going to mow the lawn for ten dollars,” the parent then approves that chore, the kid goes and mows the lawn, and they get paid that ten dollars directly into their account. A child then has a variety of options, they can budget that money, and say they are going to put it towards a specific, they are going to allocate it towards a specific fund, or they can spend the money right in the app.

Jassby is a world-class shopping experience called Jassby Mall that allows kids to shop a variety of top vendors. Parents have full monitorability of what is going on with their kids through the app. We have regular statements that will show all those transactions back and forth, where the kids spent the money, and what they spent it on.

Jassby serves its users and refuses to use their data. The ability to serve users is truly how they make their business grow as well as through stages of continuing to give them what they need. Once they go to college, Jassby can go with them, when they need their first car, Jassby can give them a loan and so on and so forth.

Help your child be financially responsible today by downloading Jassby for free in the App Store today or by visiting