There are very high chances of the SD card getting formatted accidentally and leave you worried about the condition of all the crucial documents and files that are present in it. Hence, it becomes important on your part to find out different ways and means to recover those files and documents before it gets permanently deleted from the device. It is now possible to recover formatted hard drives with the help of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, considered to be really a wizard and an effective one that can be relied upon at all times. It is indeed an amazing CMD or recovery tool that is rather an inbuilt application in Windows.

‘Format SD Card’ – What does it actually mean?

The storage device is prepared to store fresh data through the formatting of the SD Card. The objective is achieved by having all existing information and data within the SD card to be deleted completely. This allows assigning the device with the latest file system. Usually, the SD cards that are purchased new from the market come in the pre-formatted form and can be used immediately without having to do anything. But there are few situations, where the SD Card needs to be manually formatted to make it normal and usable.

When is the SD card to be formatted?

Three common situations may arise where the storage device needs to be formatted, which are given below:

  • There may suddenly appear errors such as ‘Format disk drive’, ‘SD card displaying wrong size’ and ‘Disk not formatted’.
  • Allocation of new file system compatible with the computer.
  • Eliminate virus present on the SD card.

Is it possible to eliminate Formatted SD Card?

After formatting the SD card, it is quite natural to lose all files present in it. But this does not necessarily mean that data existing in it has got completely erased. Upon formatting of the SD card, the existing fie entries get deleted. In such a case, you will not have any access to it. But still the data is present inside the hardware. It is very much possible to retrieve the data from formatted SD Card unless new data has not been overwritten in it.

Things to consider

Quicker the recovery is done from the SD card, higher are the chances of the files getting retrieved back. On overwriting the SD Card, the person loses the opportunity to recover the lost files from the formatted SD card and will never be able to retrieve back. The SD Card is to be stopped from being used with immediate effect and the formatted SD card is to be recovered at the earliest.

How files can be retrieved from the formatted SD card?

Using SD card recovery software is considered to be a proven way to have all lost files recovered easily and effortlessly from the accidentally formatted SD Card. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is easy to use and is quite efficient in getting the desired results. Being familiar with command line will also help to recover lost data using CMD.