Qaddoo – Handing the Power of Choice Back to the User | NewsWatch Review


Sometimes it’s easy to feel like we are losing our identity through social media. Whether it’s by lack of personal connection or because we are constantly targeted by ads when our identity is sold to a third party. Well, not every social media app plays this game.
Check out Qaddoo.

Qaddoo is a location-aware app that allows you to interact with people near you. With this socially inspiring platform, you’ll be able to have real-time conversations and in-person chats with people who share your interests.

But if you want to stay anonymous it’s up to you. In a nutshell, they’re handing the power of choice back to the user.

It’s as easy as creating location-based anonymous hotspots known as TANs or Transient Area Networks.

For every TAN, users can create events which people can join. Say the event is a party or concert, everyone who’s joined an event can sync their flashlights to flash in unison with the Firefly feature.

But a TAN isn’t limited to events – they can be created for almost anything, like if you’re at an airport and you want to know where you should grab a bite or even meet up with other travelers.

Qaddoo is here to seamlessly link the digital and physical world and hand you back your identity. For more information on this truly social app search for “Qaddoo” on Kickstarter right now.