Discover the Unexpected with Curationist | NewWatch Review


If you’re visiting a museum, it’s likely you’re only seeing a small portion of the artifacts they own. With space limitations and museum gatekeepers, there are many cultural materials that’ll never see the light of day.

It’s Curationist’s mission to collect and share all these artifacts, allowing you to discover the unexpected.

Curationist is an emerging ecosystem that showcases art and culture from around the world in a way that is visually compelling, deeply collaborative, and works to highlight the world that we share and all its glorious complexity.

Part of what makes this platform so unique is that in addition to focusing on work that exists in the creative commons and public domain, Curationist doesn’t use algorithms or math to find interesting content. They’re not aggregating or bookmarking with math equations – what they’re doing is using humans to find really special content.

Curationist’s greatest potential is to be a hub for cultural institutions and organizations to share their works in an ecosystem that’s truly designed to find things they’re looking for, but also discover unexpected stories along the way.

Curationist is asking museums, educational institutions, and libraries to share their artifacts today. Learn how by heading to