Orca – Superior Protection Provided for Your High-Value Gear | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you’re a broadcast and cinema professional, you have likely invested heavily in your equipment – whether it be your camera, audio tools, or lighting. And lugging around that expensive gear while on a shoot requires bags and accessories that offer comfort and ease of use for the operator while properly protecting the gear. Our recommendation is Orca Bags.

Orca Bags and backpacks offer superior protection of sensitive equipment with a combination of aluminum frames and honeycomb “cage-like” frames. I want to take a look at two bags – the OR-26 Trolley Backpack and OR-75 Tripod Bag. The OR-26 Trolley Backpack is a videographer’s best friend.

The frame is built with aluminum so it’s light but also incredibly sturdy. And the exterior is made out of heavy duty nylon – which means you can feel comfortable in all weather situations. The bag is also very compact, which is great for travel, and it can be a backpack or a trolly. Inside the bag is a ton of compartments for holding your camera and gear.

Most bags can only hold a few accessories to go along with the camera, but this guy can carry an entire rig, plus more. Next, let’s take a look at the OR-75 Tripod bag. This bag is protected from all sides with a Honeycomb frame and plastic injections.

The bag has strong skate wheels, carrying handles, a large external pocket for accessories and two external buckles to attached a shoulder carrying strap. Inside the bag, there are multiple straps to hold down the tripod.

These two bags are the ultimate bags for traveling with your camera rig and tripod.

So if you are in the videography industry, purchase a bag at 16x9inc.com or any major video dealers.