Go Bald in Style with Skull Shaver | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

The summer heat is upon us and that means it’s the perfect time to lose some of that hair. Or maybe all of that hair.

If you’re already sporting a bald look or want to make the transition, we’ve got the perfect product to help you out.

Skull Shaver has created the ultimate shaver made for anyplace and anytime you need to clean your head.

Their flagship Pitbull Gold Plus is made of quality materials with a strong casing and ergonomic design to help smoothly make its way around your head or face.

The 5-head flexible blade is what you’ll need to shave those large areas of your head, and as a bonus, a three head blade is included. Its waterproof design allows you to shave in the shower, but you can also shave dry if you so desire.

No matter where you’re shaving, you’ll have your head smooth and hairless in 90 seconds or less with no unsightly nicks or cuts.

Then there’s the all-new Butterfly Kiss Shaver which has been designed to give women a quick and smooth shave – again, wet or dry and It comes with a four gear Exfoliating brush. Use it to get to those hard-to-reach places anywhere on your body.

Head to skullshaver.com to purchase the Pitbull or Butterfly Kiss Shaver today.