Enjoy the Outdoors with SheltaPod | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

It’s that time of year to pack up the camper and head out into nature for a relaxing camping trip. But before you do, you’re going to want to get your hands on the sheltaPod.

SheltaPod is a versatile camper van and vehicle awning that has a million and one ways to give you shelter from the sun or the elements.

Ok, maybe not a million, but its versatility really comes in handy. When attaching it to your camper van, you might choose the simple sun canopy option for some relaxation. Or you might decide to go for the half-dome tent if you’re going to be there for a while or just want to set up a table.

Each section of the sheltaPod rolls up to attach to the pole sleeve simply and cleanly. Whichever option you choose, sturdy guy lines will keep your tent rigid and in place.

Now if you’re planning on getting some shut-eye, the sheltaPod converts into an enclosed tent with a zip-up door and groundsheet for comfort and privacy, with skylight windows give you a killer view of the stars.

You can purchase yours today by heading to Sheltapod.com.