Store Your Knives in Style with Noble Home & Chef | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Are you working with minimal space in your kitchen and need somewhere to put your knives? Or are you just worried about one of the kids reaching up and grabbing them? Well, Noble Home and Chef has got you covered.

Their unique and innovative knife block fits perfectly into any standard kitchen drawer giving you easy access without all the danger. Knives don’t slide or point up even if the drawer is slammed. Knives smoothly slide into place inside one of the carved slots. They’re designed to hold a wide assortment of knives, up to 16 in all for the bigger of the blocks, plus a knife sharpening steel.

Even the large-handled types will fit. Now the block itself is made of high-grade, strong moso bamboo, so you’re not going to get any splinters or chips over time. Noble Home and Chef’s knife solutions don’t stop there. They also offer a beautiful Knife Roll Bag for when you’re on the go and must have your knives.

The Knife Bag comes in four sizes depending on your needs. The mid-size contains 10 slots while the bigger of the two has a whopping 21 slots to keep your knives nice and snug while you travel. Now none of this means anything if you don’t have a way to sharpen and maintain your knives. And once again Noble and Home Chef has got you covered.

They offer three options of quality honing rods – steel, white ceramic, and black ceramic. The steel honing rod is made of hardened carbon steel for strength and durability, but if you want next-level sharpening for your harder knives, then you need a ceramic honing rod.

The ceramic rods each have two different grit options to fit the sharpening needs of your cutting instruments. You can choose between white ceramic with 1000 and 2000 grits, while the Black Ceramic honing rod comes in finer 2000 or 3000 grits. And of course, if you really want to keep your knives in pristine condition, you need to invest in continual and proper protection.

Noble and Home Chef offers high-quality edge guards lined with felt for a gentler touch. You can choose up to a 10-piece edge guard set, depending on the size of your knife collection.

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