Uneebo – Tailor-Made Furniture Solutions | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

Startups require a lot of energy and long hard hours to ensure their success. With all of that stress the last thing you should be worrying about is how you’re going to furnish the place.

Luckily, it’s Uneebo [you-knee-bo] to the rescue.

Uneebo offers ergonomic furniture solutions to fit all of your office needs, with flexible leasing or buying options.

Whether you were just seed-funded or your series C, Uneebo has simplified the entire process.

They even offer health and brand-focused products that fit the idyllic design you’ve envisioned. Here’s how the simple process works.

Simply fill out your requirements on their landing page and the Uneebo team with reach out with transparent pricing and more details.

Choosing the purchasing plan will also give you a personalized office experience with a complimentary engraving of your startups’ logo into their desks!

Whichever option you decide, Uneebo includes delivery and assembly in their pricing so there are no hidden costs or confusion.

Lock in your delivery date and when the calendar rolls around, they’ll show up to set up your ergonomic workspace.

Get more information at Uneebo.com today.