Hypori – Eliminate Security Risks that Come with Employees and their Smartphones | NewsWatch Review

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Organizations constantly battle the problem of smartphones being used for company business.

Providing a company smartphone can be costly while allowing employees to use their personal devices can raise security concerns.

That’s where Hypori comes in.

Hypori eliminates security risks and the administrative headaches caused by employees using their own smartphones.

This mobile infrastructure solution creates a physical and virtual separation between the device and company data, so no data is ever stored on the device itself.

All information is stored in the cloud or company servers and then streamed on to authenticated devices.

So, it’s like projecting images of apps and data to the phone without the information ever existing on the end user’s device.

Employees won’t have to worry about their personal data privacy since the employer has no access to the employees’ personal device.

Military-grade security ensures the phone can connect to servers without fear of corporate espionage or other means to hack into the information on the phone.

Even if the phone is compromised through personal activity, company data remains secure.

Check out this simple yet powerful enterprise smartphone solution by visiting Hypori.com.