d’aplomb Salt Lamps – Being Salty is Okay with d’aplomb’s Himalayan Salt Lamps

Consumer Update

The stress of the daily grind can be quite taxing. Add in irregular sleep and daily contact with pollutants, and it all begins to take its toll.

Health and wellness company d’aplomb [da-plume] offers a simple de-stressing solution with its unique and gorgeous salt lamps.

Made from 250-year old pure salt from the Himalayan Mountains, d’aplomb’s salt lamps work to purify the air and relieve stress by releasing negative ions that trap air pollutants.

Some of the health benefits associated with salt lamps include relief from fatigue, insomnia, and anxiety. Each lamp is handcrafted using salt from the oldest salt mines in Pakistan’s Himalayan Mountains, which is the only source for authentic Himalayan Salt.

While d’aplomb’s Himalayan salt lamps are perfect for anyone interested in healthy living and natural products, they are also a beautiful complement to your home décor.

They’re available in 2 aesthetic designs – the stylish rectangle and the refined rose. So whether you’re dealing with an overload of stress or can simply use a boost in your health and wellness, d’aplomb salt lamps are a perfect addition to your home.

The lamps also come in a giftable box and make a wonderful gift for any occasion. You can purchase them by visiting daplombusa.com today.