Caliber – Professional Quality Fitness Help at Your Fingertips | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

There’s no one size fit all solution when it comes to your health, especially your fitness journey.

Caliber is a training program that provides you with your very own fitness coach, who will work with you one-on-one to create a custom workout and nutrition plan, helping you meet your goals right from your phone.

The way it works is you sign up for Caliber and you tell us what your goals are; is it to build muscle? Is it to lose weight?

We’ll then work with you to match you to a trainer that fits your needs and then your trainer will work with you one-on-one to develop a custom workout and nutrition plan just for you.

So once you have your workout plan, your trainer can schedule workouts for you by day of the week.

So you know on Monday that it’s legs day, you go to the gym and then using the app, you’ll log your workouts, you also log the weights that you do which is really important because week over week, our methodology around progressive overload is very important to adhere to.

So you make small incremental improvements week over week – those add up to big gains over time. Your trainer is always there and available to you in the app so you literally see a little icon of your trainer’s face that you can tap – you can send them a message in any point in time.

You can also send them a video of yourself working out so they can give you some quick feedback on your form and then there’s also detailed instructional videos for how to use the equipment in the gym and how to do the exercises.

The accountability and encouragement the trainers provide, that’s what helps people achieve their results and that’s what makes the product worked really well for people.

More than anything, we want people to be living a better life through fitness and we see that through our members every day.

Get started working on the very best version of yourself by heading to today.