GoDonut – Multipurpose and Portable Mobile Device Holder | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

We’ve all been in the position where we need our phone or tablets propped up – whether we’re following a recipe in the kitchen or watching a movie on-the-go. The GoDonut is the perfect tool to give your device the stability it needs, allowing you to be hands-free.

GoDonut came from a place of need, but reinforced in this need was a passion for quality.

GoDonut is made with really high-quality materials in the USA. And the greatest thing about the GoDonut is that it’s the only stand that you can use with multiple devices, at multiple angles, on various surfaces. There’s nothing like it.

GoDonut is machine-washable, portable, stylish, and flexible. The uses are endless – the uses are as complex as the devices.

Everyone should have a GoDonut. It’s hard to imagine someone who doesn’t have a GoDonut when they’re using a smart device today. The GoDonut is also durable, looks just as new over the years and comes in a variety of colors.

The GoDonut is a quality product that you won’t have to worry about replacing. It’s perfect for all ages, even the clumsy ones.

If you’ve ever experienced frustrations of not being able to use your devices hands-free, then just go to your nearest Walmart. Get hooked up.

To give your hands the rest they need today, Get your GoDonut at Walmart, or Amazon today.