Numerology – Gain a Deeper Insight into Where You’re From | NewsWatch Review


Gaining a deeper insight into who you are and how you react to your surroundings is an important step toward self-betterment.

Numerology is an app that uses the Pythagorean Method where each letter of the alphabet is represented by a number from 1 through 9.

When you add up the numbers from your name and birthdate in different ways you can derive different meanings.

To start using Numerology, fire up the app and enter your full name and birthday to create a profile. You can create as many as you want for family and friends. All you do is tap on your chart to find different meanings associated with the ways your numbers add up – the app does the calculations for you.

Just your name alone gives insight on your motivation, expression, hidden tendencies, inner self, and more. Your birthday can give insight on your destiny, life cycle, turning points, and challenges.

You can even see forecasts for time periods around any exact date. And the compatibility section of the app allows you to select any two profiles to see how they match up. The possibilities are endless.

To learn about yourself, your family, and your friends head over to the App Store to download Numerology today.