Cake Web Browser – Secure, Mobile-First Browser | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

We all surf the internet from our phones, but the browsers that come with them aren’t intuitive – in fact, they were actually designed for a computer.

Cake is changing that with their swipeable, mobile-first browser, making it easier to search while protecting your privacy. Unlike other browsers, Cake doesn’t force you to use a list of sterile results that require you to weed through the clutter.

Instead, you can swipe through search results in an interactive, visual format that gets you the content you’re interested in faster.

Easily toggle through different types of searches like web, image, video, and shopping. And because privacy is important to you, Cake has great privacy options like built-in ad-blocking, enhanced encryption, and anonymous search.

Cake never asks you for your email or personal info, so you can search with peace of mind.

Start searching the web smarter and faster today by downloading Cake in the Google Play or App Store.