Rememorate – Always Put a Name to a Face with this App | NewsWatch Review


Most of us are bad with names, but in the business world, it’s important to remember people’s names when you meet them — as every meaningful relationship starts with a name.

Rememorate is a memory app that helps you remember the important people you come in contact with. It all starts with a photo. You can upload a photo of them or just an object that reminds you of them.

You can even snap a picture of their business card and Rememorate will recognize and populate their contact info. This is your visual cue that will be used to trigger
your memory.

When you need to remember them later on, you have several ways you can find them. You can start by browsing photos to see if you recognize them. You can find them on the built-in map based on where you met.

If you remember a single detail — when you met, at what event, or any keywords, you can quickly and discreetly find them in the app, and greet them with confidence.

This system gives you the tech tools you need, leveraging psychological techniques to improve your memory.

Download the Rememorate app today in the Google Play or App Store.