Spring – Fully Assembled and Adjustable Walker | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

People need a walker just to get around, but unfortunately, most walkers are just too…well, medical looking. Understandably, that can be a bit of a turn-off, but folks still have places they want to go! Well, we’ve found just the solution.

Spring is designed not only to be beautiful but also to solve several nagging issues people have with other products. It comes fully assembled and all mechanisms are internal. It isn’t just for folks with gait or balance problems, but also for anyone with limitations in handgrip or wrist flexibility. Spring helps your posture along the way.

It makes you stand up straight! The Spring walker is easily adjustable, too, allowing you to find the most comfortable spot to hold before setting out on your adventure.

Shock absorbers increase stability and reduce those irritating vibrations when you’re walking on a bumpy surface. And if you want to rest your hands for a moment, Spring’s reverse braking system senses this and gently rolls to a stop.

It can even adjust to transforming into a comfortable, sleek-looking chair. The parking brake is automatically activated when you open the seat.

The simple, single-motion folding mechanism makes it extremely portable so you can take it anywhere – and leave the hassle at home.

To purchase the Spring walker visit Foraydesign.com today.