DottedSign – User-Friendly Sign and Share Document Service | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

No matter how digital we become, your handwritten signature still opens doors and closes deals. But we do live in a digital age, so there’s no reason to waste trees and print off a bunch of paper when you could just use a simple app.

DottedSign is a user-friendly service that allows you to sign and share documents with ease.

Designed for the business person on-the-go, DottedSign starts by having you create a contract by and assigning various signature fields.

When you’re happy with it, send the document to signers and invite them right from your contact list or by plugging in their email. You can ask for others’ signatures all at once, or in a specific order. You can include yourself, too.

Track every change made to the document via a digital audit trail.

A visual progress bar on the main screen of the app monitors all signature tasks. And because security is a priority, the service features document encryption, user authentication, and password protection to keep your information safe.

DottedSign only costs users $60 a year for full access.

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