The world of online slot games has grown and grown and grown in recent years, with some of the best online slots ever being released month by month it seems.

The humble, simple fruit machine has come an awfully long way from sitting in the corners of dingy pubs and service station casinos, now not only existing but thriving in the glitzy, polished and exciting industry that is online gambling. Come and learn more about the best slot developers.

More people are gambling online now more than ever and this is down to many reasons. The accessibility to online slot games and online casino in general has never been so strong. Smartphones have had a huge impact on the online gambling landscape, with games not only fully functional on your handheld device, but also fully optimized and tailored to them.

But who is this down to? Well, the unsung heroes of the online slot game; the developers.

There are many developers of online slot games out there and they are the ones responsible for the ever-evolving format, constantly setting the var higher and higher with every release, as this once simple game format has become something way more.

To celebrate this and to help you find some of the best slot games out there, here are some of the top slot game developers. Coming from different countries and different eras, even, these are some names to look out for.

Bar Crest 

We start off our focus on some of the top developers with a truly classic name, as Bar Crest has been making slot games before they even moved online.

The developer behind the iconic Rainbow Riches series, Bar Crest are experts in the field and make some classic slots. Check them out.

Leander Games

Leander Games is a slightly newer name on the scene but their modern approach only means that they are at the forefront of the genre.

You can always expect superb animation, great graphics, and slot games fully optimized for mobile play when it is a slot developed by Leander Games. They are consistent, too, releasing new slots regularly, so they are a company worth getting to know.


Microgaming might be the most famous name within the online gambling game developers.

They have one of the biggest collections of slots out there and always release new games. Some of the most popular games across multiple online casinos have been worked on by Microgaming and for that reason alone, they need to be mentioned when listing the best slot game developers.


Last but certainly not least, Yggdrasil has become one of the most recognizable names in the online gambling realm.

Their graphics are simply the best and their themes range from being the most ambitious to the most random. Look out for a lot of penguins in Yggdrasil productions, as these loveable cartoon animals have become the trademark of their titles.

Always with a good sense of humor at the forefront, games from this developer are incredibly popular and not without good reason.