Couchmaster – Operate your PC or Console Straight from Your Couch | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Gamers typically fall into two categories – PC gamers or Console gamers. But what if you could blend the best of both worlds? Meaning, the comfort of console gaming with the laser-sharp precision of PC gaming.

Well with the Couchmaster CYCON you can. The Couchmaster CYCON is the best desk solution on the market for using your mouse and keyboard while gaming or surfing on your PC or console.

This patented system, as the name suggests, allows you to operate your PC or Console directly from your couch without putting added strain on your spine from constantly hunching over. Settle in for long gaming sessions or experience a more ergonomic work set-up.

The integrated USB 3.0 hub provides enough connections for you to hook up your mouse, keyboard, headset, and one additional accessory. And what makes it even cooler is the whole system connects right up to your PC with no additional power supply needed. Pockets on the side of the Couchmaster CYCON, including a universally positionable mouse pocket, provide perfect storage space for your beverages, mouse, and any other accessories when you’re not using them.

The Couchmaster CYCON and other Couchmaster products are here to make PC gaming more social and a lot more comfortable, while also allowing console players to enjoy gaming with a mouse and keyboard.

You can purchase the Couchmaster CYCON today by visiting