Magnolia – Drive Your Brands’ Engagement and Sales | NewsWatch Review

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Perfecting digital touchpoints like their websites and mobile apps is how today’s leading brands drive engagement and sales. They need a robust, flexible web content management system to help power these digital experiences. That’s where Magnolia comes in with their leading-edge CMS.

Magnolia is a team of really talented professionals spread across the globe that have a singular focus on delivering a content management platform that savvy brands use to manage the content on their websites, mobile apps, displays, kiosks, internet of thing devices, really any digital delivery of information.

There are analytics dashboards to provide insights into customer behavior and their interaction with those digital devices and the content they’re in.

There are testing tools to ensure quality content and editors get access to an AI-powered search to allow for finding content managing it in singular or bulk and also being able to label or tag that content so it’s delivered effectively to the right people.

Magnolia is unique in that it learns an individual’s behavior and the work that they do and serves up relevant content for them to help them get started on their day in terms of what they need to do and what they need to focus on.

Companies have big diverse team trying to work in concert to bring all of the different pieces together. And Magnolia is configured in a way that allows those teams to focus on their particular tasks so I could be content writing it could be the placement of content inside the website and Magnolia allows all of those diverse groups to collaborate and work together to deliver the best experience to their customers.

So, if your organization wants to take control and enhance its digital experience with an open, flexible and connected CMS system.

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