Mi Niña – Some of the Tastiest Tortilla Chips You’ll Find | NewsWatch Review

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Have you ever found yourself munching on tortilla chips only to find you’ve polished off the whole bag in one sitting? But the problem is, most tortilla chips on the market are made with ingredients that are less than healthy.

Well, don’t worry, we’ve got just the thing to solve that little problem.

Mi Niña tortilla chips are some of the tastiest chips you’ll find anywhere. With the added benefit of being Non-GMO, Kosher, with no preservatives and naturally gluten-free.

Mi Niña is the first tortilla bakery in New England that produces tortillas baked from a true old-world recipe, using only the best ingredients.

The technique used in crafting this mouth-watering chip dates back to the Aztec period.

The bakery begins the laborious process by cooking Non-GMO whole grain corn with filtered water and lime and using hand-carved volcanic stones to grind the corn mixture, known as masa.

You can taste the difference in every crunch and see why they are just the best tortilla chip on the market. Mi Niña tortilla chips come in three flavors – Sea Salt, Jalapeno Agave, and Pico de Gallo.

You can pick up a bag or two of Mi Niña chips at your local supermarket and specialty shops across the US.