GoodLifeApp – Create the Best Logo for Your Business | NewsWatch Review


A key element in successful branding is creating a logo that pops and tells people who you are. Now you could spend thousands of dollars paying someone to create your logo for you or you could download the Logo Maker app by Good Life.

Logo Maker allows you to choose from thousands of graphic elements to create the best logo for your business. Start by selecting from over 1,000 logo templates. The templates are organized by category so you can quickly find the one that matches your unique brand.

Now it’s time to customize that template. Adjust the color, size, and positioning until it looks unique and eye-catching. You even have the option to adjust the background, edit text, and add or remove graphics.

When you’re done, which should only take a matter of minutes, you can test your logo using the built-in AR feature.

Place your company logo on desks, t-shirts, coffee mugs, or whatever you want. When you’re satisfied, you can save and export as a jpg or png at whatever resolution you need.

Make your own logo today by searching for GoodLifeApp in the App Store.