The whole vaping world depends on different flavors that appeal to the difference in people’s taste; some prefer original flavors, some go for sweet dessert-flavored juices, and some like to get a strong hit with a citrus taste. There is an art behind choosing the right e-liquid for your taste. Are you trying to quit? In this case, tobacco juices will suit you perfectly to pass through the transition phase smoothly. Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you will find that dessert-flavored and fruity liquids will satisfy your sugar cravings and can even make you cut down on sugar if you are trying to lose weight. 

That’s why every vaper should try different and new e-juices to find what will suit them best. Also, you don’t have to stick to one bottle of juice; you can get different flavors to avoid boredom or to mix and match so you can come up with your own special flavor. Liquid vendors that ship to Australia, for example, understand that your vape pen, mod, or pod is nothing without the right juice to fuel it. Some of the best nicotine vape juice in Australia can be found online and purchased with coupons and discounted prices. You can also get a club membership if you want to indulge in the vape culture and to gain experience. If you are tired of the same old juices or you are still a beginner to the vaping culture, then this article will show you some of the best juices that you should definitely give a try. 

Tobacco Juices 

These juices are considered to be transitional e-liquids that mimic that taste and smell of real cigarettes. If you are trying to quit, then choosing these juices will be the best option for you. You can also control the percentage of nicotine. For example, those who are used to smoking a pack or two per day can go for 18+ mg nicotine strength. Light smokers, on the other hand, who finish less than one pack a day can go for 12 mg nicotine.

Even if you started with 24 mg, there is a trick that depends on gradually decreasing the nicotine strength to be able to quit completely. The deep flavor of tobacco juices is the perfect fit for people who aren’t very fond of the idea of fruity flavors. But, if you are not a fan of the raw taste of tobacco, you can find other options such as salted caramel tobacco, vanilla, or hazelnut. There are also some liquids on the market that taste just like Cuban cigars. 

Menthol Juices 

These e-liquids remain bestsellers for a reason. Other than the fact that people who are used to smoking menthol cigarettes benefit from these liquids to be able to quit smoking and start vaping, a menthol-flavored juices are also great for their icy, cool hit. They taste even better than menthol cigarettes as they add a fresh, minty taste to vaping. These juices are the most popular flavors in the vaping industry not only due to the cool and refreshing sensation they offer but because they are extremely versatile. This flavor can enhance all the other options of e-liquids. You can find endless brands that add mint to their fruity, tobacco, and candy flavors. 

Fruity Flavors 

These flavors are the most loved and appreciated ones in the vaping industry, mainly because of the endless delicious options that are available. Fruity, dessert-flavored e-liquids have been leading in the vape juice industry for a long time. You can find strawberry cheesecake for a mix of dessert and fruit flavors. Another example is mango or tropical mango, which is many people’s favorite kinds.

In this category, brands compete with each other to come up with the most creative mixes. You can find raspberry and blueberry mixed with strawberry and a hint of mint, and other creative smoothies transformed into the form of vapor. If you are into fruity liquids without the over-the-top sugar addition, you can go for a subtler taste such as green apples or a mix of lemon and mint. 

Citrus Tastes 

Citrus flavors can be too strong for some people; others absolutely love it. However, most brands add another sweet flavor to the citrus mix to make it subtle and more bearable. For example, mixing marshmallows with clementine will give you the strong taste of the clementine at first, just to feel the sweet taste of marshmallow when you are exhaling. These mixes satisfy people with different tastes for flavors. You can also mix some peach flavor and add it to your liquid to give your e-juice an extra pop. 

Steeping E-Juices 

Steeping has been around for ages now, since the early days of vaping. However, not many people have heard about it. Think of this process just like wine that tastes better when aged. For mixes of flavors in juices, they need some time for the flavor to settle in and for the molecules to soak the flavor up.

Even if the bottle you bought has been steeped, it’s better if you give it some time to taste better. This process ensures an even better hit for vapers, and an overall better vaping experience. The process is fairly easy; all you have to do is leave your juice bottle in a dark, cool, and dry place such as a closed box for a week or two. It’s better if you shake the bottle every two to three days. If you can’t wait for your juice to steep, you can leave the bottle under warm tap water for a while to get the molecules to mix together. 

Vaping has offered an easy solution for heavy and light smokers to be able to quit their dangerous habits. Other than getting rid of the awful smell that sticks to your hands, hair, and clothes, vaping presents a much better alternative to smoking when it comes to health risks. Flavors are what excited people the most. The endless e-liquid options—from the original tobacco taste, menthol, too fruity and sweet flavors—have satisfied all the different tastes out there, and it looks like there’s no stopping them anytime soon.