WOWBOX – A Wide Range of Japanese Snacks Straight to Your Door | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you’re a fan of Japanese culture, then you know how they’re famous for their snacks. WOWBOX delivers a wide range of Japanese snacks to your doorstep every month. Special curation goes into each box to make sure you’re getting a variety that spans from limited to high-end, sweet and savory, and health-conscious snacks.

WOWBOX allows you to choose from 2 themed boxes. The ‘Original’ contains the latest and tastiest snacks out of Japan. While ‘Mix’ is for those seeking something a little healthier, with a variety of trending snacks and treats that carry health-boosting properties.

Expect snacks such as the trendy ‘Kit Kit Ruby chocolate,’ also in ‘Nuts & Cranberry’ for a healthier version. Be surprised by the latest items on the convenience store to regional offerings.

WOWBOX offers additional add-ons during check-out. Allergy-free options, gifts, and drinks. You may add-on drinks such as the limited ‘Coca-Cola Apple’ that is only found in Japan or a healthy option such as ‘Peel & Herb Lemongrass Mix’ vegetable & fruit juice.

Get your hands on these special treats such as the limited ‘Pocky in Peach & Strawberry’ flavor, health-conscious treat such as Gaba ‘Stress relieving Chocolate,’ savory snacks with unique flavors such as ‘Garlic Shrimp’ or Bistro ‘Red Wine Beef Stew,’ and other surprises.

So if the trip to the local grocery store has you wanting more from your snack selection, try out WOWBOX- complete with tracking.

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