Textline – Text Messaging for Your Business | NewsWatch Review

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Your business probably has a phone number, but can that number receive text messages?

Your customers already text everyone else. Let them text your business when they have questions.

Textline is text messaging for your business. Now your team can share the responsibility of reading and responding to text messages from customers using Textline. But this isn’t yet another app that customers need to install on their phones.

They can contact your business from the texting app they use every day. And unlike old fashioned phone calls, with text messaging, your employees can handle multiple customer conversations at the same time. This makes your team more efficient and makes customers happy.

Textline lives in your web browser on your computer and integrates with other business software tools like Slack, Zendesk, Shopify, Salesforce, Facebook Business Pages, and more.

The Textline platform includes plenty of power features like shortcuts, which are templates for frequently used messages, and the ability to send text announcements to many customers at once.

Other features are built for teams, like transferring customers to co-workers, auto-responses, and tracking metrics to keep your customers satisfied.

You can find out more about Textline by visiting Textline.com today.