Netflix App

By: Nick Gambino

Netflix announced that it’s ending support for several popular, yet older, devices on December 1st (or 2nd depending on who you ask). This will prove a problem for those married to their tried-and-true streaming devices, especially if it’s a smart TV.

“On December 2nd, Netflix will no longer be supported on a small number of older devices due to technical limitations,” a Netflix spokesperson told Engadget. “We’ve notified all impacted members with more information about alternative devices we support so they can keep enjoying Netflix uninterrupted.”

If you’re one of those poor souls affected, then you’ve probably already received a notification on your screen letting you know that support for your device is coming to a close.

The main devices on the “do not support” list are Samsung smart TVs from 2010/2011, older Vizio smart TVs and first-gen Roku devices. Depending on what device you’re rocking, your solution to this pesky problem is relatively easy.

If you’ve got an older smart TV and simply don’t want to part ways with it (something you should consider), then you’re going to want to invest in a device that’s Netflix-compatible. This could be an Apple TV (you’ll get a year of Apple TV+ for free with the purchase) or a newer Roku streaming device. There’s an endless array of devices that’ll work, some as cheap as $40.

You might want to look and see if you’ve already got something that’ll work with the streaming platform. Most gaming consoles, like Xbox One and PS4, allowing you to download various streaming apps. If you’ve got a caster like Google Chromecast, you can stream right from your phone to your TV. And if you’re really looking to avoid laying out the dough, you can hook up your laptop to your TV and stream directly from a browser.

Take a look at Netflix’s full list of compatible devices to see if you already own something that might work. If not, then you can use this list to make a decision on what to buy in order to continue streaming your favorite shows and movies.

Or you can get real crazy and cut the cord altogether, but something tells me you have no plans to stop watching Netflix.