The most popular paid streaming platform, Netflix, has some of the most exciting TV shows in their stocks, and their original productions have a very large audience around the world. For example, the most-watched non-English show of all the company’s history, (at least for today) was the Spanish production named “La Casa de Papel”, which in his third season was viewed for 44 million people at only one week from its releasing.

The numbers are clear for the streaming service, with this results in mind, they have commissioned new seasons and extended contracts for continuing with those projects. If you are not able to watch these contents, you may need to use the best VPN for Netflix, to change your location and be able to access all the Netflix catalog. 

Which are the most-watched shows of all times in Netflix?

The streaming service gave us a few days ago, a balance with their most-watched original shows. The first of them, not a surprise for many people, was Stranger Things; the mystery show was a complete success from its beginning, for its interesting story, endearing characters and their particular way to retract the 80’s decades and the full-of-references style of the Duffer Brothers.

The second most-watched show (at least in English) was Unbelievable, which was watched for 32 million households in its first week.

Finally, the third most-watched show of all times in Netflix was Murder Mistery; this one was viewed at least 30,9 times in the first three days before its releasing.

What are the consequences of these numbers?

The first good results for these numbers are very good news for the fans of those TV shows because they were commissioned for new seasons. Also, Netflix made clear that they are not worried about the streaming wars because they have competed in the past and for years against TV and other platforms, like Hulu and even competed against Hollywood itself, and they always get good numbers and a very large audience waiting for its premieres and original motion pictures productions.

Netflix also added many classic to their service, such as Friends and soon they will be adding Seinfeld to their platforms. 

Fans expect a fourth season of Stranger Things for 2020 and the premiere of new original horror movies just in time for this Halloween.

Other successful Netflix productions you need to watch

Netflix has a high number of films and series, produced or co-produced for them, that are worth to pay their service. Series like Oazark are just necessary for any TV lover.

Black mirror, to spite of the bad critics it received in their last seasons, is a good Scy Fy show and you definitely need to watch it. For years, at least, before to be dethroned for Stranger Things, Orange Is the New Black was the insignia show of Netflix. The show has ended, but you still can enjoy it whenever you want.

Maniac, Rusian Doll, The Last Kindom, and many others are worthy to watch from their first episode until the last. There is content for every taste and hundred of hours of good material waiting for you in that platform.