Close up cropped photo of girl hands using her laptop for taking part in online poker tournament.

Whether you’re shopping online, racking up points in Call of Duty or spinning to win in a virtual slot machine, security is a real concern.

With the number of compromised platforms reporting system-wide security breaches on an almost-regular basis, concern for the safety of your information is reasonable, to say the least. While the convenience and fun afforded by an instant internet connection by way of your smartphone or computer is extremely enticing, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking certain precautions so that you and your information are protected.

You probably know the basics: pick a strong password and change it regularly. Beyond that you have to hope that the platforms and sites you’re visiting are putting extra emphasis on shoring up the walls against nefarious hackers.

Your best bet is to only visit sites with strong reputations for putting user security first. Take for example the world of gaming, and more specifically, online slots. Playing these fun and engaging virtual games usually requires you provide a certain amount of private information, namely financial info for payout.

There’s no shortage of platforms out there, not all of which are secure, tasking you with weeding through the swamp until you strike gold. In order to do it right, you’ll have to read up on the company’s privacy agreement and check out user reviews, noting any red flags. A key point to consider when reviewing any gaming platform is its longevity.

If a platform has been around for a long time and has maintained high user ratings, then you can safely assume they are not only on the up and up but trustworthy. NetEnt casinos are a perfect example.

NetEnt is a casino software company almost as old as online gambling itself. The company provides full-package software solutions for hundreds of online casinos, providing a user-centric experience and Fort Knox-worthy security.

If in your search for a secure online casino, you come across one powered by NetEnt software, then you can assume you’ll be in safe hands. You can peruse the full list of NetEnt casinos and even indulge in NetEnt Casino welcome bonuses. These bonuses will start you off on the right foot in whichever casino you choose. Bonuses range from free spins upon sign-up to cold hard cash you can use to start betting.

No matter what online casino platform you choose, make sure you do your homework to ensure the most secure experience that favors your personal account information over the bottom line.