We’ve all played slots, whether on a whim as we walk through a casino lobby or a Vegas airport, or simply on a mobile app at home. The ease with which you can play these cash-paying games, lends to their global popularity.

Thanks to its simplicity, there’s not a lot you need to know, nor does it take much in the way of skill, to play and win. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know something about slots in order to increase your chance of a massive pay-out. There are four types of slots, but if you’re looking to maximize your winnings for something life-changing then your best bet is progressive slots.

Now that I’ve dangled that carrot in front of you, I’m sure your interest has been piqued. So if that’s the one you should focus your energy on, that begs an awfully important question – what are they and how do progressive slots work?

Progressive slots, as the name implies, offer a jackpot that has built up over time based on a percentage of the money players put into it. A typical progressive slot machine in a reasonably popular location might see thousands of players a day. It’s not uncommon for these machines to hit jackpots in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

Depending on the type of progressive slot, money is added to the jackpot in different ways. Some machines see only the money entered into that particular slot. This kind of progressive slot is rarer these days. The more common practice is for slots to be linked to others in the casino or across an entire state. Each slot contributes to a single jackpot, allowing it to grow exponentially.

Now, none of this is to say that you have a higher chance of hitting it big when playing progressive slots. Far from it. In fact, out of the four slots, you find in a typical casino, this one has the most intimidating odds.

Like any slot, progressive slots are completely random and won’t pay out according to skill. It takes patience and chance to see any significant reward. Luckily, the random number genitor in the internal computer will keep it fair and impervious to rigging.

So there you have it – progressive slots. Good luck and play responsibly!