What is better than a slot machine? One which has multiple games inside it.

This is the case of Mega spin games. A series of 5 machines which are composed by multiple screens, each of them has stand-alone slots each one. Released by Microgaming a long time ago, but still current, they have a peculiarity that recalls the old-style Vegas machines. Below we are going to list and explain one by one all the games and their characteristics.

Megaspin Major Millions

There are six screens. Each one has an independent slot made of three reels and 3 pay lines each. The symbols used are the most classic ones. The bars, from a single bar to three bars, cherries and 7s.

The player can change the stake by amending the value of the coin associated to each pay line, from 1 penny as a minimum bet, up to 1 pound associated to each coin which will become 18 pounds considering all of them.

Wild Symbol on Slots

The wild symbol is represented by the slot logo. It can substitute all other symbols to help you to complete a winning combination.

It can also trigger a lot of lavish rewards, such as the progressive jackpot, depending on where and how many wilds land on the screen.

Progressive Jackpot

To be eligible for the jackpot, there are only two requirements to be met. The bet has to be the highest available and a combination of thee wild symbols has to land on the lowest pay line.

Megaspin Double Magic

Differently than major millions, here the player can change the number of screens they want to play with, from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 9. There is a single pay line for each screen, and the symbols are, as usual, Bars, Sevens, cherries, and stars.

The stakes can be varied. The minimum bet can be set to 1 penny per coin per line, to a max bet of 5 pounds per coin per line. Per each line, the player can set one or two coins.

Wild Symbol

In this slot machine, the wild is represented by the blue stars. It works as a jolly and helps you to complete the winning combos. If the winning combinations are obtained with the help of one or two wilds, the stake value gets multiplied, respectively, by two or four.

Megaspin High 5s

Like the previous one, also this game has 9 screens and the chance to select how many screens we want to activate and play simultaneously.

From 4 at the bottom to 9 at the top. Each screen has three reels and 1 pay line, and three coins which can be associated with the line.

The stake can vary. If the player selects only four screens, 1 penny and 1 coin per line the minimum bet can be 4 pennies, while the max bet can be, in the case of 3 coins, 9 screens and 5 pounds per coin of 135 pounds per single spin.

The Wilds

This symbol is represented by the logo and can substitute all the other symbols in a winning combination. It also triggers the highest wins if you manage to get 1, 2 or three wilds aligned. The highest award can reach 15k coins.

Megaspin Fantastic 7s

Very similar to High 5s, playing fantastic 7s slot you have the chance to change the number of screens you want to play with from 4 to 9. Each screen presents 3 reels and 1 pay line, on which can be bet up to 3 coins per line. The stake can be changed as you wish from 1 penny to 5 pounds each. Considering the chance of changing the number of the active screens the minimum bet can be 4 pennies, while the max bet can reach £135.

This game takes nothing from the modern slot machines, then you won’t expect to see any scatter or wild but simple winning combos.


There are red sevens and multicolored sevens. Both can be combined to make up a winning combo. The colorful seven can give you 2500 coins if you manage to get three of them lined up.


All these slots have the peculiarity to offer the charm of the old-style along with the multiple screens feature. If you are a classic slots lover, those are must-play games. Although the graphics and the layout are not the showiest available, the playability truly compensates for the lack in appearance.