WeYakYak – Online Language-Learning Platform Through Live Video Chat | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Learning a new language is hard, especially when you’re trying to learn it at home, by yourself.

There are just so many nuances that can only be learned when conversing with another person who also speaks that language. WeYakYak is an online language-learning platform that connects those eager to learn with qualified language teachers for private sessions through live video chat.

The platform is easy to use and can be accessed right from the comfort of…well, anywhere. Students have the option of selecting the language they want to learn as well as the price that works for them.

If you’re not sure about a teacher, you can take 1 free trial per teacher to see if they’re the best fit.

After that, you can purchase classes in packs of 3, 5, 10, 20, or more. Every teacher on WeYakYak is vetted and highly qualified. Expect TEFL/TESOL and ESL Certifications, Bachelor degree’s combined with online teaching experience.

And by connecting with someone who speaks the language natively, you improve your conversational skills and open yourself up to a whole new culture that might be on the other side of the world.

To sign up with WeYakYak today and learn a new language, visit WeYakYak.com.