Cage Free Care App – Creating the World’s First Medical Membership Network | NewsWatch Review

Health Update

It’s no secret that healthcare needs a serious facelift.

With skyrocketing prices and insurance plans that are hard to navigate, Americans need a plan that makes sense, so they can get the care they need. Cage Free Care is a revolutionary company that reinvented healthcare by creating the world’s first medical membership network MMN.

Cage Free Care gives providers the tools and resources they need to cut out insurance companies and other costly middlemen by building and managing their own direct primary care memberships.

All of this is done through an easy to use online platform.

Individuals and Families pick a custom plan with a local provider and get immediate access to unlimited 24/7 Telemedicine, unlimited schedule direct primary care visits and fully covered Emergency room visits with no out of pocket cost, copays or deductibles to meet.

Your affordable low monthly rate doesn’t change if you go in for an expensive procedure or a simple check-up. Bloodwork is sent out to labs and imaging is covered too! With transparent and upfront costs, patients are finally getting access to proper healthcare services with no out-of-pocket expenses.

Cage Free Care is currently offered in Texas, Louisiana, and Nebraska with plans to expand into other regions in the near future. To find out more about this revolutionary health care system, visit