TaxDay – Monitor Your Travel Using Your Phone’s GPS | NewsWatch Review


Do you travel frequently for business or maintain homes in different states and struggle to keep track of where you’ve been or how much time you’ve spent there?

TaxDay allows you to easily monitor your travel using your mobile phone’s built-in GPS, making travel tracking a breeze.

With residency rules for all 50 states built right in, this easy-to-use app is the perfect tool to accurately document your travel and replace that shoebox full of travel receipts.

It works in the background to track your movement, even if you’re traveling internationally, with the ability to track travel in over 250 countries.

Smart notifications and an intuitive reporting interface make it easy to manage records and generate an accurate and complete report and share it with your tax advisors.

Not only is reporting taxes a cinch when this app’s handling all of the heavy lifting, but it also helps provide critical documentation if undergoing a stressful residency audit.

TaxDay does that all for you, offering peace of mind, for the state you’re in!

You can download the app by searching for TaxDay in Google Play or the App Store or visit