Schwetty Balls – Always Packaged in Pairs and Easy to Handle | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Around the holidays, we look for great gift ideas and this one is for the golfing crowd, so for the golfer in your life, check out Schwetty Balls.

Now, guys, you may be familiar with Schwetty Balls, and ladies, you may have even played with Schwetty Balls. So unlike most golf balls that come in sleeves of three, Schwetty Balls are always packaged in pairs, making them easier to handle.

And when your playing partner is taking a particularly tough shot, he may need a pair. Each pair comes conveniently labeled with an ëLí and an ëRí to distinguish between them if you are both playing with your pair of Schwetty Balls.

And for a more convenient way to carry your pair of Schwetty Balls, you should consider a Schwetty Ball sack, a small mesh bag with a drawstring that is the perfect size and shape to hold your Schwetty Balls and keep them safe.

Now if you really want to make a statement, you should have a Nice Package. It comes with a dozen Schwetty Balls, a hat and a towel.

So for a great and hilarious gift this holiday season, head to today.