Poll Pay – Earn Supplemental Income by Taking Polls and Surveys | NewsWatch Review

Are you looking to make some extra money without the hassle of commuting?

Well, you have the fortune of carrying a phone in your pocket that can help make that happen. Check out the app Poll Pay.

Poll Pay allows you to earn money simply by taking quick polls and surveys right on your phone. Here’s all you have to do.

Sign up and begin browsing available surveys. You might choose to take a short opinion poll or take part in longer market research.

There’s no shortage of options with new surveys every day. Complete as many as you want. As soon as you complete a survey, you’ll earn rewards that you can cash out.

What’s unique about Poll Pay is that you get your requested reward instantly without any waiting time. You can exchange these reward points for either PayPal Cash or for gift cards like Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

If you invite your friends to take part in Poll Pay you’ll earn extra free cash for each invite. Start earning money from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Search for Poll Pay in Google Play or the App Store and download the App to start today.