INSPIRED HOME – All-Encompassing Brand that Creates Designs for Your Home | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

When designing a home, people shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for affordability. After all, a person’s home is their sanctuary. Inspired Home, based in the heart of the ever-so-stylish New York City, offers a collection of affordable and luxurious furniture pieces, touting timeless classic designs with modern touches.

Inspired Home Company is a multi-category furniture company that ranges from home furnishings from your bedroom to your living room, to your dining room and kitchen – they’re really an all-encompassing brand that tries to create cohesive designs throughout your home. They believe your space is a significant part of how you feel.

The mission at Inspired Home is really about motivation and inspiration. They want to motivate your home and your home furnishings to enliven your everyday life through color, through texture, through design, through really streak silhouettes that complement a modern, glamorous home. Their textures and design, our detail, their focus on functionality are truly what sets them apart.

Inspired Home really encompasses a wide variety of color and texture that actually makes your home livable. Coming home to a space and a dwelling that’s relaxing, inviting and warm really speaks volumes to your life. And so Inspired Home looks to make sure that product and that design adds value to your everyday life.

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