NIUCOCO Inc – Treating Brittle Hair with Safe Ingredients | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

It’s not easy to find good hair products that deliver what they say they’re going to do, especially hair products that battle dry and damaged hair and don’t have a ton of harmful chemicals and toxins.

NIUCOCO was born to treat brittle hair, using only safe ingredients that have a low toxicity profile. It was also created out of the sheer frustration with products on the market for dry, damaged hair.

NIUCOCO wanted to create products that were safe to use every day and that deliver results and nourish hair from the inside out. The creator’s mission was to harness the power of coconut oil and from a scientific point of view, it’s the oil that’s been scientifically proven to penetrate strands.

It’s because of its low-molecular-weight. It’s able to work its way under the cuticles and into the strands, which is why it has a reparative benefit to hair, and which is why NIUCOCO chose it to use as their signature ingredient in our products.

They wanted to ensure the ingredients that were chosen were a low toxicity profile. This meant that a careful vetting process was used for every ingredient contained in the product.

NIUCOCO’s users are a beauty-conscious, beauty-educated demographic. So they really research what goes into their products and so has NIUCOCO. They are currently in a third-party platform, where scientists have vetted their ingredients and have rated them green, which means they’re safe to use every day.

With just a single click, you can see how safe a product is to use for you. The other thing that NIUCOCO delivers on is results – they make sure to deliver salon-grade results and have managed to do so using safe-to-use and natural ingredients.

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