Ballistic – The Revolutionary Phone Case Protector and Accessory | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

No matter how they’re designed, phones aren’t damage-proof and with how much we spend on them, it’s worth investing in a case that’ll protect it at all times and in all conditions.

Ballistic sets themselves apart with their revolutionary phone cases and accessories.

To start, Ballistic uses a material called the B Shock X90. This material has a higher shock absorption rate over any other material, meaning your phone can withstand drops in extreme temperatures.

In addition, they even have an innovative Six-Sided Drop Protection and impact-proof Ballistic Corners, so it protects your phone from all angles.

While they design all Ballistic cases to survive the elements and take a hit, they also understand that goes without sacrificing style. You can even customize the corners of most cases with the B Shock X90 material to fit your personality.

Beyond the aesthetics, all their phone cases even have revolutionized mobile photography by including optical flash sync in all of their cases–the same technology used by professional photographers.

Besides super protective phone cases, they also offer a top-of-its-game Tempered Glass Screen Protector compatible with Fingerprint Sensor Technology, so nothing is forgotten.

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