The Giving Wick – Jog Your Memory with Candles of All Scents | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Candles take us places. Whether it’s back to an old memory or on to a new one.  Candles by The Giving Wick, with their unique scent combinations, powerful essence, and luxurious but simple aesthetics can play a supporting role in your memories.

The Giving Wick company was founded by someone who wants everyone to share a little more. They specialize in elegant candles with a variety of personalities, but they also have classic scents. The Giving Wick’s I Partied…

scented candles

So Good candle with its clementine ginger scent is refreshingly perfect after a late night out. Or there’s Welcome Home – a candle designed to greet you at the door with a cool eucalyptus and warm cedar tones.

Their candles don’t just smell good, they look good and are handmade in Chicago. Not only will you feel good about where The Giving Wick candles take you, but you’ll also feel good about what they give.

The Giving Wick donates 15% of every sale to charities. Every time you light a candle, you’re helping someone else.

You can even choose from a list of charities before checkout.

To purchase your candle that does good every time it’s lit, visit and use code newswatch10 for 10% off.