Pawnix – Noise-Cancelling Headset for Dogs | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

As dog owners, we know there are certain noises that set our little furry friends on edge. Whether it’s a vacuum, thunder, or fireworks, there seems to be no escape from the intense noise irritating their sensitive ears.

Pawnix is a noise-canceling headset tailored for your dog. These convenient headphones block out loud noises giving you and your pet a rest.

noise-canceling for dogs

Created by a dog owner who knows the anxiety loud noises can cause, they were specifically designed with dogs in mind. There’s no plastic headband that can be easily pawed off like human headphones.

The soft and cushioned headset fits snuggly and comfortably on their little heads so there’s no worry that they will knock it off.

Pawnix speakers combined the benefits of on-ear and in-ear technology that you’d find in human headsets for the best in noise reduction.

With robust battery life, they will last for a good 30 hours of continuous use. With a much-needed reprieve from loud noises, Pawnix not only calms and lessens your dog’s anxiety but yours as well.

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